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Good afternoon,
I am new to this. Can anyone tell me how to turn on 2 LCD I2C Display?
I try to connect one with device address I2C 0x26 the other has address I2C 0x25 but in MobiFlight
when I turn on the 2 does not work.None is detected.
Individually work well.
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2020-01-07 16:49
From: ETSI, Germany
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Not possible to help you directly without many more detailed informations ....

Simple Idea.... Can you confirm both Displays work with the Adresses you told us if you use them SINGLE ?

If yes we need to maby check this..... If NOT then you have basicly a Problem.

Possible spots i think at first....

1. Correct Pins in use ? Correct sequence ?
2. Power manegment correct ? ( Does LCD basicly lighted when Mega is powered)
3. Brightness of Displays high ??? ( If brightnes screw is lowest point, then Displays not show Data)
4. Device Upload correctly ? Restart done ?

Please do some testings, and report detailed results if problem can not be solved by yourself !
Good Luck !
2020-01-08 04:14