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I am trying to build the ATC panel for the a320. The number keys are working as expected. But the 7 segment display shows the complete code only. So if I start typing in a new code, the simulator clears the whole display, showing only dashes (-). But my 7 segment display does not. It still contains the former xpndr code. Only after typing in all 4 numbers, the 7 segment display gets updated.

I am using the sim variable (A:TRANSPONDER CODE:1,number) for the 7 segment display.

So how can I show the whole editing process on the 7 segment display? (do I need to work with internal mobiflight variables in order to remember the state of the editing process setting the value of the 7 segment display accordingly? And if so how can I do it? Can I change multiple variables at once?)
2021-11-22 11:44
From: ETSI, Germany
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2021-11-25 17:27