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This is working my simulator with fsx with airbus
Buy two 16x2 lcd cards, I install them in mobifligth but it does not recognize it.

I open my fsx corro mobifligth as administrator, I go to extras - setting, add divice, I think LCD dISPLAY 16 X 2 and I update the configuration but the card is still blank, it does not recognize it.

It is on the 20 SDA and 21 SCL pins as indicated by the instructions but I can not get it recognized by mobifligth.
2019-02-27 18:27
From: ETSI, Germany
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Here is a tutorial....

Confirm you use correct IC2 Adress.... AND you Restart Your Arduino after upload the device !

If all is fine the Displays must show "Mobiflight Rocks" after Startup before you press Run Button

Another Issue is if you set the "dimmed" Screw to low.... Then Displays basicly work but you not see the Text in case its to dark/Bright.
Good Luck !
2019-02-27 18:51
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Hi Martin
I had the same problem but now solved.
The problem was that although the default Address for a 16x2 card is 0x27 I found that my one was 0x3F
Once I changed this in Extras-Settings_MobiFlight Modules all was good now have "MobieFlight Rocks" on the screen
Hope this helps
I am no expert just going from experience
2019-02-28 04:43
Posts: 27
works! thank you
2019-02-28 14:14