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I have spent the last two days painfully searching for a way to output the autopilot/fcu settings (alt, heading etc. for my aerosoft A320) to a 7 segment display/LCD... I know... its hard. I just am wondering if anyone would be kind enough to guide me in the right direction. I am not stopping until I manage to make it work! I have researched Mobiflight have seen that there are ways on doing it in these applications but then no guidance is given just them saying it involves lua but no information on where to start! So I have finally resorted to just asking because staring at a screen all day is giving me a headache.

I stumbled across the "Writing offsets Value to Lvar For Aerosoft Airbus" post but I need help pointing in the right direction because the post makes no sense to me! It looks helpful though!

I currently am using LINDA for my overhead and pedestal but its input only of course ()

I really realllyyy reaalllyyy hope someone can at least guide me somewhere with this!

Thank you!
2017-09-16 23:44
From: ETSI, Germany
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Welcome to Mobiflight !

I´m a bit confused.....

You use 3 Topics for this Request ! ( 2 Refresh old topics and this one)
But in your comment in the "GUIDE topic" i see you already know the stuff and be able to build your own lua file.
So i think your request for guidience is not longer needed.... Right ??

So if you problem is solved everything is fine.... If NOT please only use ONE Topic for your new questions and please NOT Refresh Topics that died 2 Years ago !
Good Luck !
2017-09-17 15:49
Posts: 5
Yes sorry about that. I did try to delete this thread after I suddenly stumbled across them both but I couldn't! Sorry!
2017-09-17 20:40