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I'm new to the forum and to Mobiflight but I am tinkering with building dials and 7 segment outputs.

I was having trouble with the Heading Output Reading for autopilot using FSUIPC Offset with it coming out with all sorts of calculations. I have now worked out the correct formula which I hope will help:

I have seen many posts using the value of 65536.... this is not accurate due to the detents in the sim... for example the Flight Sim Value follow a pattern of :
  • 1 degree = 180 (0 + 180)
  • 2 degree = 364 (180 + 184)
  • 3 degrees = 544 (364 + 180)
  • 4 degrees = 728 (544 + 184)

...... and so on, alternating between 180 & 184 per each degree of change.

This means that the magic number to divide by is 65520

So... adding a comparison of:

IF CURRENT VALUE <0 THEN ($ * 360) / 65520 ELSE ($ * 360) / 65520 + 360

then add a second comparison of:


Using the above will give you indents of 0 to 359 degrees and matches between the in-sim heading indicator on the FCU and the physical 7 segment LCD :thumbup: :-)

This may have already been cracked but I couldn't find this exact example elsewhere so thought I could add and contribute :lol:

Hope this helps

2024-04-04 00:08