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Can someone kindly explain the difference amongst variable types, i.e. SimConnect MSFS2020, MobiFlight Variable, FSUIPC Offset?
I have not clear which one to choose for MSFS and PMDG 737-800.
2023-05-09 23:53
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In my case i am working with MSFS2020 as well, as the PMDG 737-800.

In all cases i use the MSFS2020 variables. Most things are doable with that.

For instance, this is the configuration for my rotary encoder that is used to control the speed on the MCP:

And this is the config for the LED in the LNAV button:

For each function just select MSFS2020, with vendor PMDG and just browse the dropdownlist and see what you're looking for. let me know if there are specific things you can't find.
2023-05-10 13:40
From: ETSI, Germany
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There is no clear answer here....

FS2020 Simconnect Variable, FSUIPC Offset and MF Variable are simply 3 kind of Data Source.

FS2020 Simconnect are Variables we read via our WASM Module directly from the Sim (FS2020).
It only work with that sim.... And its the most common way to talk to FS2020.

FSUIPC Offset is a different type.... It read data from the PlugIn "FSUIPC" . This tool can be installed for FSX, P3D and also FS2020.
So in case PMDG also support FSUIPC you can also use this system to talk to the FS2020 PMDG.

Mobiflight Variables are "internal" Variables that exist inside of Mobiflight. Those Variables not exist by itself.... You can create them e.g. to make calculations, to store data or so.
Mostly we use those things for complex elements we need to build ourself in case the sim not output a good value.

In case of PMDG....
Use Simconnect Variables.... For some things like the VS Display there is a Bug and you need FSUIPC .
Good Luck !
2023-05-10 20:47
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In and of itself, such variables do not exist.... You can make them for many purposes, such calculations, data storage, and so on. free games
2023-09-28 04:48