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Good morning everyone.

So I’m building my own cockpit and Mobiflight is working amazing!

I have a ON-OFF-ON Switch which I wish to use for the source switch from the TBM930

It only seems that I can’t get it to work on this particular switch.

What I have tested so far:
The switch is recognized by Mobiflight debug, no problems there. I selected the right output and input..

I gave the switch a generic command of “battery ON/OFF” and it seemed to work on the C172 and other planes.

Even in the TBM the switch works on the generator switch. And the AP switch.

So the switch is working, Mobiflight recognizes the movement and commands. But the TBM930 doesn’t recognize the SOURCE (OFF-BATT-GPU) switch.

Also the generic battery commando which does work on a for example c172 doesn’t work in the TBM.

I hope someone can help me with this problem. The tbm 930 is the plane I am recreating

Thanks in forward and sorry if this is the wrong section and sorry for my bad grammar.
2023-02-14 07:53
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 6010

You already do the research.... And you also awnser your question already yourself!

You confirm the switch is electrical fine and detected perfect in Mobiflight. ( Debug Logging)
You also confirm you have a working connection to the Sim (WASM/FSUIPC) is run , cause you say you can handle C172 with it.
You finally confirm also the TBM930 is detected and working fine in case you can do other elements there already.


The needed elements you stuck not can be done with the Events you choose for.
For example a simple thing like "Parking Brake ON" can work with one single Event for 99 different Aircrafts, but maybe there is just 1 AddOn that use a own logic and here the Event we have will not work.
Other Elements can be very unique ... So most Aircraft use a own Event here and only a few can be handle with a generic one.

If a Event not work then check in the List if there exist a better one .... E.g. search if for TBM930 exist "own" events already.
If you not find it finally you need to "dig" the event yourself by use the DevMode of the Sim and check what Code/Events/Variables are done when you press the Virtual switch.
Then you can create a Event Yourself by enter the right code in RPN language.
And for sure.... It would be cool if you finally share your working Event into our Database ....

Last Note:
If you need help for dig the events.... Come to our Discord. There are users who can support you via Voice and Shared screen.
Good Luck !
2023-02-15 13:23