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Hi all,

After having been away from the Flight Sim hobby for several years since the announcement of MSFS 2020, I am back at the hobby. Until now, I have mainly done VFR flying in GA planes, but now I am moving to the Cessna Longitude.

Since late last year, I have been working on building two GTC570s that are part of the Garmin G3000 Avionics suite. With my two left hands, I have built a wooden box that contains two 7-inch touch screens, one for the (left) PFD and the other for the (left) MFD. So far, no MobiFlight is involved :-D . However, underneath each touchscreen, there are three rotary encoders. In the pictures, you can see that the encoders for the left GTC570 the encoders are missing; this is still work in progress.
The encoders of each GTC570 are connected to two Arduino Pro Micros (bought at the MF webshop :-) ), and all USB cables are connected to a USB hub. This way, only one USB connection is required to connect the whole thing to my computer.

It is by far not as good-looking as I hoped for, but it works! In time, I want to print the box with a 3D printer.

The remaining work includes:
- soldering/wiring the encoders of the PFD
- create and mount a small board for the second Arduino Pro micro
- try to replace both left encoders with an HID joystick

As mentioned in the last bullet, after the AAU1 update (late January 2023), Microsoft/Asobo/Working Title replaced the left encoders with joysticks. If anybody has a suggestion on what joystick I could use for my home GTCs, I am very interested to know. I ran into the AZ Delivery KY-023, but I don't know if that's supported by MobiFlight.

Happy flight simming with MobiFlight!

Thank you,
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