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Hi to all!!!a question, because I'm new to mobiflight program,How can I incorporate a 2on board 2560 in the program????
Now I have one who recognizes the program and it's with chip ch340 at com 5, and operated normally!!!
I have a new one that I want to join the program and its at the same port com 5 and it is the keystudio 2560r3 mega.
The problem is that he doesn't see them at the same time the program!!!!
2022-12-19 16:52
From: ETSI, Germany
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Do you connect them same time ?

Normaly if you start Mobiflight it will detect all ports if there is a Arduino that is "free" and not already a MF Board.... Then it ask you if you like to use it.


1. Get sure both Boards are connected BEFORE you start MF.
2. If not detected try to start MF only with the new Board connected.
3. if also not work try a EEPROM Clear on the new Board. Maybe its corrupted.
Good Luck !
2022-12-23 16:40