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Has anyone successfully gotten the AS3X events (for the G3X avionics in the Cub etc) working via the WASM module? The event list includes this one:


which should trigger the first softkey area on the G3X touch-screen. But when I send this via the WASM module (using Spad.neXt to send the command via Simconnect), nothing happens. The same is true of most of the AS3X events in the event list (they are in two blocks; none of the first block's events work for me). They also don't work when I sent the HTML event directly from Spad.neXt's bridge.

There is a second set of events beginning with AS3X_Touch_1, such as this one:


When I send this via the WASM module using Simconnect, this does work, as do the other events in that second block, and it does trigger an action; it also works if I send the HTML event directly from Spad.

Given that the first set of events is documented and available to the module, that suggests someone has gotten them to work at some point. Is it perhaps an issue introduced with the SU10 release?

If anyone has automated the G3X via Mobiflight using the HTML events, I'd really appreciate a steer on what I'm doing wrong...


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2022-10-02 05:58
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I was just trying to setup the G3X in the XCub via FSUIPC and Mobiflight and none of the events seem to be working for me.

I started with the range knob and DTO and they haven't worked.

The events also seem to be missing the page knob, NRST etc.

Have you made any progress on this?
2023-01-07 16:25