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Hello and thank you for your support.

My problem is the following. I configure the PMDG 737 mcp and the Course encoder changes by 2 and not by one. I tried to change the trigger type but nothing changed. The Heading also changes by 2.

My other problem is the IAS always remains displayed at 112 and does not change, yet I have the correct offset 0x6520.

By the way, are there screenshots to help us configure the pmdg 737 in Mobiflight.

Thanks for your help..
2022-03-25 15:22
From: ETSI, Germany
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the misbehavour of +2 Units can have 3 reasons....

1. Wrong Setting
Encoders can be 1:1, 1:2 or 1:4 .... If you choose for wrong option in the Tab where you define the Eoncoder/Pins then it can be wrong.
Please check it.

2. MF struggle
We have reports in the past this happens in rare cases after upload Firmware or after creating the Device.
Normaly this should be solved after the Arduino is restarted ( Means shortly dis/reconnect it from USB or press the RESET Button on the Arduino.)
For sure also MF must be restarted in case the Mega is lost while this process.

3. Admin Mode.
MF and Sim should run in SAME Mode !
Its official not required to run in Admin Mode..... So also NonAdmin is fine.
BUT Important is that Both Systems ( Sim and MF) run in the SAME Mode at all time !


About Offset:
Its Wrong !
6520 2 Byte is the Left CRS Display.
For IAS you need 6524 4 Byte Float !

About Guides
There is no need for special PMDG Screenshots or Videos in case setting up a aircraft ( From MF point of view) is same for all Aircrafts !
The only difference is AddOns like PMDG use specific other Offsets ( Or Variables in FS2020) ..... And there own Input Events .
But the way you enter data or you handle MF is always the same !

You can search Youtube for "Mobiflight" to get hundrets of Video Tutorials.
NOTE: Use the Date/Time Filter !!! As newer the Video is as much more newer is the MF Version that was used.
A Guide from e.g. 2017 will use also a Mobiflight from 2017 that would look different and lots of new features wasn´t there that time.
But also the Old Videos show mostly the basic things that are still used today.

If you need personal assistance.... Join our Discord. There we can help via Voice and shared screen if needed.!
Good Luck !
2022-03-25 16:06