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Posts: 6
I am connecting the mega 2560 R3 module to a ledmodule to display the vertical speed value of the autopilot;
the variable returns the value in feet and must be transformed into feet per minute.
the variable fs2020 used is: (A: AUTOPILOT VERTICAL HOLD VAR, ft)
in more options, transform I wrote: $*60
there is the problem of the rounding, for example when the autopilot in the sim displays 200 the led module displays 199.
I have verified that the Round() function does not work while the Ceiling(), Floor() and Truncate() work well.
can anyone suggest a solution?
thank you

ps: mobiflight connector 9.2.0
2022-03-06 13:39
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 6010

I not know how this Variable looks like.... But from the description text this is already Feet per Minute.
Maybe the info is missleading.... So check yourself if the $*60 is really needed.

About Rounding.

Rounding only work for a Float Value .
Syntax is Round(Value,Decimal Numbers)
So for example Round(1.234,1) = 1.2

Your Problem: 199 Can not be Rounded, in case its no Decimal Number.

Solution :
In your example 199/10=19,9 Rounded to Zero Decimals = 20 and finally *10 = 200

LAST NOTE: Take Care that Round must be written with a capital R !!
Good Luck !
2022-03-06 16:42
Posts: 6
thanks for the help,
my error was in Round() syntax:
Round ($ * 60,0) is correct,
Round ($ * 60) doesn't work
the VS variable of the simulator:
is in feets
flight sim value: 8.33333301544189
output value: 500
therefore transformation is needed with

2022-03-06 20:56