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Posts: 14
First of all, thank you very much for your great software.

Finally I have some time, so I started building MCP of the legendary Boeing 737 according to (thanks Karl!).

I have some tests with fsx and fsuipc. The result was good. The problem is I couldn't find all the offsets and events needed (e.g. Captain and F/O Course, etc.)
Does anyone already have a config file for mcp and B737 from fsx (standard without extras)?
It is planned to buy MSFS 2020. As far as I know fsuipc is not needed. Surely some of you have already realized this. Is there already an example or tutorial about using offsets and events from msfs2020 in MF?
I will be very glad if someone provides a copy of the config file of B737 MCP.

Thank you in advance.
2022-01-22 13:33
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 6010
At first.... There exist no B737 ( in a good quality) for FS2020 till now ( 747 and 787 Stock) So we need to wait for the PMDG or others. Hopefully they come pretty soon.

About basic questions...

FSX B737:
Thats Poor. For example you can not find the FO CRS ..... Cause it not exist ( same like 80% of Functions that are simpyl not simulated in this Stock Freeware)
So building a Homecockpit make not really sense here. For a Airliner you need a AddOn .
In FS2020 the Stocks are much better.... But (for me) way to poor for a good simulator !

For FS2020 there is no real guide .... Cause you not need it. ( But there are many Youtube Vids)
FS2020 no longer have FSUIPC Offsets.... You simply have a List of Input Events or Output Variables and you choose the one you need!
If the Variable not exist in our List then there is a workaround to explore the needed data within the sim ( if available) and you can use it ( and you can and should then include it yourself into our list on HubHop so its also available for all other Users in the future).
Means .... A Lot of things are still there.... And with every user who find out something new the list grow up and get more and more completed.

About MCC File.
I tell you the same like to every other user.... This not work !
For sure you can get those files from other users... And you can see them like a "tutorial" or "example". But its not possible to just copy a file....
Your devics have maybe other names.... Or you use a LCD where a other user work with a 7Seg. So for sure his config is totaly different to that you would need.
Or e.g. USers who work with a Hispapanel PCB..... Those need to work witha Inverted LED Logic.... So there LEd´s needs configs who set them to ON when they need to be OFF and inverted.
And finally.... This will only work if the user have the SAME AddOn Aircraft like you!
E.g. a MCC File for the Stock A320 will never work for the A320 from FlyByWire..... Cause every single Aircraft use its own Variables and Events !

Join our Discord.... and get in Contact ot a user who still build what you need.
They pretty sure support you and send you there MCC Files.
But i still say. This not helps.
I work with MF since 5 Years and if a user send me his MCC File i need 1-2 Hours to understand it ( Whatever my experience here is verry high) ... Simply cause everbody build his files individual.... Means its sometimes not possible to "understand" what the user do here !
Good Luck !
2022-01-22 17:01
Posts: 14
Many thanks for your quick reply.

Of course one can't take over a config file for his own device. It should only serve as an aid to understand.

I think you are right. maybe i should wait until i get msfs2020.
2022-01-22 18:55