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Good afternoon, can someone help me create the QNH selector, I wanted the 4-digit display and the buttons, but I have no ideas about the display and the encoder, thank you
2021-12-09 16:35
From: ETSI, Germany
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Not possible to help without more informations !

1. What Sim ? ( Each Sim work different)
2. What Aircraft ? (Each Aircraft also can use own variables/offsets .... So we can not give you a basic overall guide)

3. What System ? QNH selector ??? You talk about "buttons" and "encoder" and Display! E.g. in a B737 there are no Buttons.... Only a Encoder. Or do you mean the STD Button to switch between 1013 and local QNH ?

So tell us WHAT you need and what Sim/Aircraft you use and "how" it should look like..... then we can talk about a solution !
Good Luck !
2021-12-09 19:26
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Hi all.....
Is it possible to use 4 digit displays to show the baro in the FBW a320 efis?
thx so much!!
2021-12-10 15:02