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Using MF9.1.0, MSFS update 7. Tested with A320FWB and Beechcraft Baron GarminG1000 NXi, latest update.

Before, all buttons work with MSFS2020 - Events like "AS1000_PFD_NAV_Large_DEC"

Now, apart from AP Course no button / encoder works anymore. As the TX LED on the Mega flashes the board is accepting and transmitting the input. But it does not reach the flightsim. Parking Brake button works too, but it is adressed via FSUIPC Offset 0x0BC8. It seems that the MSFS2020 Events are somewhat broken but AP Course works via AS1000_PFD_HEADING_DEC. None of the other tested work anymore.

So my first guess was that with the new sim or G1000 update the MSFS - Events offsets are wrong. Or my board / config / connection is messed up. But still a few buttons work.

Same with A320 FWB and things like A320_Neo_MFD_Range_1_DEC... simply no actions anymore. I got around 60 actions across 2 boards, without having tested them all I think only 10% still work.

I updated the configuration of the board, reloaded the settings, checked the cables. I don't find the error. Or am I missing a "secret" step I knew long before like telling the sim to open its ports for input?? Like MSFS got a new .exe that needs to get a clearance? Do I miss the obvious while I search too deep?

I am deeply frustrated after 3 days of updating the sim.
[Last edited by void68, 2021-11-27 13:23]
2021-11-27 12:45
Posts: 4
once you post a question to any forum... 5mins later you find the solution.

Please delete the whole thread or leave it as the solution:

Due to the huge MSFS update I moved the installation to another drive and copied parts (means the V7 confirmed working mods) of the original community folder to the new one, not keeping in mind that the two modules:


have to be installed / copied too to work with the sim :|
2021-11-27 13:47