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Hi All
I have big questions about the motor to use with my project of STAB TRIM WHEELS.
I have read a lot of forum, without solve my problem.
I use:
P3D with B737NGX PMDG.
Ardino mega 2560

Stepper motor OFFSET: 0BC2
Size in Byte: 4

I tryed to use Nema 17 Stepper motor with controller L298N. Link:
but dosen't work.
after read a few topics I have tried with ULN2003 and stepper motor, 28BYJ-48, Link:
works, but the movement is really slow, I don't know were I can manage the speed of this motor, or if this motor can Drive the trim wheels.
I think is impossible to use Nema 17, with ULN2003, because the motor is 2 coils, and is high current used.
please help me to solve this problems.

Thanks Guys
2021-11-08 19:57
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 5474

I see you open this topic in 2 different sections..... Thats not verry helpfull !

I recommend.... Join or Discord Group.
Here in Forum most users only ask for problems..... But not read the requests themself. In discord lots of our users are always present and read/awnser to questions they still build.

Basically.... Using a Stepper occure in a big problem..... It work 100% fine for a Motor Controll periode..... So while AP is ON and the Stepper controll the Wheel.
Steppers can not be turned by hand ( broke the gearbox e.g. in a little 28BYJ48 ) ..... And also a "clutch" is not working in case the stepper define it´s position by its drived steps..... means if you turn the wheel by hand (override stepper) it not work anymore.

For "Throttle motoriced e.g. B737) there exist logics with steppers...... But mostly for this systems we use "normal Motors".
Means the Device got 2 Elements.... A Encoder ( endless turns) or a Potentiometer (limit range like Throttle),
Also it have a indipendent Motor ( and a clutch in throttles) that detect position.

In easy words.... You not use a "stepper" and say..... "Please turn to postion X".
instead you use a Motor and say.... Please turn clockwise/counterclockwise ( whatever real Wheel is below or above the sim position) and then the motor turn ASLONG the 2 Values ( Virtual Position and real position is identical again.
Mostly done vie 2 LED Pins..... Pin A define the direction ( e.g. HIGH for Clockwise and LOW for Counterclockwise) and PinB define if Motor must turn or not ( 1/0)

I recommend.... Request info in DISCORD..... Hopefully a advanced user can help. If not ask Stephan or myself ( or another MOD user) for help.
then we can try to guide you !
Good Luck !
2021-11-08 22:55