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Posts: 1
Great work. Congratulations.
I set up my MCP for PMDG B737 MSFS and I saw that the output for the ANNUNCIATOR and EFDS does not work. All work except for the ANNUNCIATOR and EFDS. An example, (L: switch_3491_73X, number) 0>, for FLT CONT. I did something wrong, or that's another problem?
2022-06-02 16:22
From: United States
Posts: 31
i have the same issue the MF values are 0 so dont even trigger an output?
Thanks, Steve Avery
2022-06-03 03:18
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 6010
@ savery999

If all Outputs in PMDG are "0" pretty sure you miss to "enable Data Broadcast" in the INI File.
Please read the manual !
Good Luck !
2022-06-14 14:31
Posts: 15
with msfs2020
Set the switch on the ARDUINOOMEGA
keyboardInput to Input tab.inputsettings.OnPress tab.actionTaype with MF_inputConfigWizard
Doesn't it work even if you specify the key with ?
If you press the ARDUINOMEGA switch and check it in the memo pad, the specified key will be displayed normally
msfs2020 works fine when working directly with keyboard
Pressing the switch of ARDUINOMEGA does not work with msfs2020??
Please guide me why.
2022-08-09 07:07
Posts: 15
Sorry, I contacted Pizman#3839 for questions related to msfs2020.
2022-08-09 12:05
Posts: 3
Dumb question here. Finded out some presets for MD-82. Trying to register on HubHop. And have a strange logon screen. Login and password fields and this is all. No buttons, no register button. How can I register?
2022-09-02 22:41
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 6010


The whole HubHop Support is done on our Discord!
There is a Sub Channel for HubHop
The Moderator "Rofler" if also the guy who programmed HubHop himself!

In case he is not active in this forum please be so kind and contact him on Discord !
Good Luck !
2022-09-04 00:47
From: LTBJ, Turkey
Posts: 160
Hi everyone.

I think the simple offset and eventid system of p3d and fsx is completely changed in Msfs2020 now and some addons use their own events such as pmdg or others, whereas some freeware planes share the same codes with generic ones.

However, its sometimes quite hard to find the correct one. I have been looking for salty748 loc button input command for half an hour, still no chance. Is there any console view that shows the button you push just like in x plane console?

I also have some minor problems about mcp readings too, ias for example, for salty748, i couldnt find an absolute number giving value, its always with decimal and i dont know how to round it, its always like 252.88, but actually its 253 showing.
2023-06-11 22:09
Posts: 13
I use MSFS 2020 and homecockpit FBW A 320 dev. I meet problem with data "Battery voltage"; I want to send the value on a LCD display but the sim value is with more 15 digits and not stable. The 10 last digits are moving quickly.and pertub the Arduino Mega 25 60 If I want to transfer this value on the LCD display as " BAT 1: $$.$ I can't obtaint the first digit but, I see the las digit .
So I have two questions
1) is it possible to filter the sim value to obtain only 3 or 4 for digit as 26.4V? and I how in can do that?
2) How i can send or read to the LCD display only the first 3 digits and not the last digit?

thank you fort your advice
2023-08-21 15:45
Posts: 1
I have 3 different range of same one Potentiometer that I would like to separate Preset Code for A320 Throttle to perform defined Throttle position depending on each Potentiometer Range value. How can I set up it. Could you help?

For example
Potentiometer value in MF Connector Log show 310 - 400: I would like to set this for Throttle from Reverse Full to IDLE position (Throttle 0%).
Potentiometer value in MF Connector Log show 410 - 500: I would like to set this for Throttle from IDLE position (Throttle 0%) to CL position.
Potentiometer value in MF Connector Log show 520 - 800: I would like to set this for Throttle from CL position to TO/ GA.

I know how to set full range from Reverse to TO/ GA by Hubhop RPN Tools. But I have issues with deviation of my throttle plastic part holder pin position for Throtle position, so that it is very exactly for CL to TO/ GA corresponding with Potentiometer [if I only set Min and Max Event Input Range from 0 - 16383 by custome code: @ 520 - 58.5107 * 0 max 16383 min (>K:THROTTLE_SET) ] but if I set full range from Reverse to TO/GA for 310 - 800 from Min -16383 to Max 16383 Event Input Range then CL position, FLX MCT is a little lower than actual position of my hardware throttle position corresponding with pin holder position for those position.

So that why I would like to study how to set up 3 different Potentiometer Range corresponding with 3 Event Input Range for Reverse Full to IDLE position (Throttle 0%), IDLE position (Throttle 0%) to CL position, CL position to TO/ GA.
2023-09-22 03:43
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