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Hi everyone,
I finally succeeded in creating a (Lua file) …(LvarS) for the FSLab 320, through which I can right Now Illuminates the Lad’s on the autopilot and everything works regularly and efficiently
-PS: I can upload it in the forum for those who want to use it -
but the only My problem …how to Illuminates the Lad’s (AUTOBRK_MAX, MED and LO). It is assumed that when you press any of the three buttons, the Led Illuminates will be on. if I press once again it’s Off.
I have seen information in the forum about the experiences of simmers hobbyists and some of them have great experiences, but I could not fully understand how to use (compare tab) and (precondition) please help

Many greetings
2021-10-13 04:53
From: ETSI, Germany
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I think wrong section..... this is JEEHELL FMGS..... You talk about "FSLabs" .

Sorry i can not help. Have no experience there.
Whatever..... If you be able to show other things ( LED´s e.g.) then also the Brake Indicators should work same way......
Check your script ( from other outputs) ..... Pretty sure they use LVars Right ???. If yes you just need another Codelines that do the same with the Lvars from the Brakes !
Good Luck !
2021-10-13 20:15
Posts: 23
tanks any way!
2021-10-13 21:31