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From: Hamburg, Germany
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Hi friends,

i do not have the time, patience or the space to build a real cockpit in my room.
And i have to admit, that i'm not a "hardcore" fliyer with online ATC or other pilots.
I just want to have some fun, start, fly around and land somewhere.

But i wanted to have at least a small "feeling" instead of clicking on a virtual cockpit on the screen and i created my FlusiBox#1.

And honestly without MF this box won't even exist. :thumbup:

My favorite plane is the stock A321 of FSX and i don't care whether my parts are realistic or not, they do what they should do.
E.g. the handle for the parking brake was designed by someone else originally for a Jeep. But i liked the design....

However, I built the box holding two Saitek Throttles for Spoilers (Speed brakes), 2 Engine Throttle and Flaps.
I also added a Parking Brake, a Gear Lever and a switch panel for lights and No Smoking.
More boxes to come (and even planned....)

The Box is 300 x 220 x 140 mm, the bottom and the back are 10 mm thick chipboard, the sides, front and top of 4mm plywood.
Inside is a frame of 15x15mm wooden strips.
To make it looking more technical and to make it easy to open, i inserted anchor nuts in the strips to use black metric screws.
To mount it on the table i use one of the original Saitek clamps, fixed to the back plank.
For the cables to the PC i sawed a round hole in the bottom.

If you are interested in the 3D printed parts, visit my profile here

The future will bring Box#2 with a trim wheel and the according controls (3D parts ready, wood work still to do) and Box#3 with AP and Radio etc.

As soon as there is some progress, i will post it here.
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