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Yet another stupid question.
I am building the RMI with 3 stepper motors one to use for driving the dial and one for each needle.
So in that case I need 3 offsets that I am unable to find and also for that i need two events for the VOR/ADF switch.
Anyone that can help me with that and also the MF setups
2021-10-04 18:50
From: ETSI, Germany
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Should be possible by the Sim Stock Values.....
Heading, VOR and ADF Course "should" be abailable as regulary FSUIPC Offsets ( Stock Data.... NOT PMDG)

If i remember right a user build this for his Cessna already..... And if i again remember right the key was a calculation of Heading and VOR/ADF together.....
Cause the VOR/ADF Value is the Course in Degrees ( Related to a Northbound Label Disc)...... But if Disc e.g. show to East then for sure the VOR/ADF Needles also need this 90° Offset.
Please use Search ( Discord also) I not find it at the moment but i´m sure all is written down somewhere HERE or on DISCORD..... Including the needed Formulas !

If you have no sucess.... Then we need to figure out again..... OR we need to find the guy who build this :-)
Good Luck !
2021-10-05 15:10