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Posts: 71
Hi guys
Hope this is the correct place to ask this.
I have the latest version of Mobiflight 9.0.0 and love the fact that it looks like we can do away with FSUIPC
I am trying to reprogram my C172 home built panel and are using the MSFS 2020 stock C172
I thought I would start with the Fuel Pedestal. I have fuel cut of and tank selector built, and working using FSUIPC, but are not sure how to program them with out FSUIPC
I see in V9 in the input drop down we now have
Mobiflight Variable option
MSFS 2020 Event
MSFS 2020 custom event All available as an input selection as well as others
Trying to program the "Fuel Cut off". for the C172 and there is no 2020 Event listed, only the battery,s and alternator which is fine
So I thought I could use either of the other 2020 options.Custom or 2020 event
Can someone please explain how to use them please.
I can confirm from going to the Developer Mode- Model behavior debug-fuel pedestal-there does not appear to be a switch for this function
If I go to "Input Events" drop down fuel cut of is listed. I clicked on the "pin" button for Fuel_cutoff_1_toggle and go up to the pinned events use the mouse and press the "Recalc & Execute" the fuel cut off work in the sim.
How do i get this information into mobiflight.
I have watched the youtube video MSFS 2020 Custom Variables and Events but this did not help in this case, Am I missing something?
Thanks in advance
2021-08-06 00:49
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 6010
Here Discord is the better place..... Specially in case there are high advanced users there who do this already and can guide you.

To clearify your confusion with all the new stuff just a short info.....

1. MF Variables.
These are our awnser to the FSUIPC Custom Offsets!
Its used to "store" informations we build ourself..... E.g. the Khz/Mhz self build Encoders to save monney for a dual Encoder. There we write e.g. "1" or "0" to a custom Offset to define if we are in the Khz or Mhz mode..... NOW we no longer want to use FSUIPC, so we also have no access to the Custom Variables we use in the past like a "Memory slot"
In easy words.... MF Variables are simply free "slots" we can store Data..... Same way like FSUIPC Free Offsets. We can Write them with INPUT Configs and we can read them with OUTPUT Configs..... And we can do some more adcvanced things i will explane in a Guide in the future B)

2. Simconnect (FS2020) Variables are the new "Offsets" ..... But with a little difference.
In FSUIPC most Offsets was R/W Means you could READ them ( For a Output) and you could also WRITE them ( In a Input) ...... For sure there was also ReadOnly and WriteOnly Offsets..... but most was working both ways.
So you could use these Offsets in the Past also for Inputs most of the time.... And As alternate lots of Things ( E.g. PMDG) use "EVENT ID" . That was pure INPUTS as you remember.
In FS2020 and the new WASM System this is splitted.
Simconnect Variables are the Outputs ! Like Offsets in the past! ...... BUT We no longer make Inputs with them. These are READ ONLY !!
The "FS2020 Events" is the Input side..... Here we can make Inputs and tell the sim what it should do..... BUT Here ( same like EventID in the past) we can never read them.
The "Custom event" just mean you can Enter Code Yourself...... the List instead include premade Events.

In easy words....
Instead of FSUIPC Offsets you now use 2 Things....
Input: FS2020 Events ----------- Output: Simconnect Variables
Good Luck !
2021-08-10 16:42
Posts: 71
Thanks for the great explanation pizman82
as always.
I will have a go at asking some question on discord
2021-08-13 07:01