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Hi Guys,
Ive configured the FCU and works perfect apart from the fact that the HDG encoder works but wont go in to 360 after 359 or even go to 360 from 000 degrees.Used data Pipe funtion for this,Being checking out various methods but non worked:( :( :( :( :( .Your help would be much appreciated.
2021-07-28 18:21
From: ETSI, Germany
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Does Jeehell still use this stoneage "Datapipe" System ??
I not work with jeehell..... But i think i can help !

1. Think about a alternate !
Datapipe is verry slow. I would recommend to work with a other INPUT System here. E.g. a LeoBodnar for these Encoders that can use Joy Buttons for Left and Right! Or key Commands if Jeehell support that !

2. If you like to use Datapipe i think the Problem is your used "Value"
Heading goes from 000 to 359
Pretty sure you say in your Config for Right e.g. $+1
So lets say Value is currently "359" and you turn right..... then MF say $+1 .... So 359+1=360 and try to send this. BUT Jeehell only accept 0-359 as Input !

Solution: You must say "If Value is below 359 then Add 1 to value and send result BUT If Value is exact 359 at the moment then send simply "0".
For Left Turn the same inverted..... If Value is "0" then NOT say $-1 ( Cause this would be -1) Here please send 359 ...: ELSE send $-1

Left : if($=0,359,$-1)
Right : if($=359,0,$+1)
Good Luck !
2021-07-29 15:15