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Posts: 20
Previously I had posted the values ​​for the egt gauge for ifly 737 with uln2003 stepper because in tests it had worked well.
Now after having built the panel I have reconnected the stepper but it works well only on one way (ascent from 0 to about 8.5) while it does not go down.
Also in the Test it rises by 260 degrees but comes back less than 180 degrees.
Thank you in advance
2021-05-21 13:06
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 6010

Like always.... Split at first for a Hardware or Software issue .

Your test only make sense if you get sure your in STOP Mode !
Lets say you press test and it turn to 260° .... But at stop it will not turn to "0" if MF is in RUN Mode and the Config e.g. got a value from the sim..... Then it just turn to the positition the sim currently ask for.

Most easy way..... Save your current Config..... Klick on "FILE - NEW" In the now empty new config you create just one OUTPUT Config Line. Offset can remain at "0000" preselected. We will not need it.
Then use as device the Motor.... And In Display Tab you use the Test .... SIM 1000 - Stepper 2048 - TEST 500
The stepper must turn 180° and come back to "0" if you stop !


If YES.... Then your Config File have a issue and we need to check it.
If NO.... then your Motor have a Problem.... Can be in the Motor Settings ( maybe by issue you choose for Auto Calibration ) OR a Electrical issue. Whorst Case.... A Broke ULN Board or a broke Motor gearbox.
Good Luck !
2021-05-21 15:24
Posts: 20
hello pizman82,
problem solved.
I followed your advice to create a new profile with only one input line and it was like resetting the stepper.
After I entered the values ​​that I had previously calculated and everything works perfectly.
Thanks again for the help.
2021-05-25 13:54