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Hi, I'm new to MobiFlight. Just got a compatible Mega board. I want to create a panel for use in VR (blindly of course). So I want a limited amount of parts so I can use it without looking. Namely 5 encoders and 5 buttons above them, plus 2 3-position switches to switch between modes (AP / COM radios / NAV Radios / Garmin G1000/3000). The idea is to switch blindly and use them for dialing values. However it would be nice to get some feedback on which mode is it in. Is it possible to trigger Windows built-in Text to Speech functionality to say something during specific event? So it would say "Autopilot" when I switch to AP mode, etc. Alternatively, can it play a sound?

If this functionality doesn't exist, it would be a nice addition for VR implementations, but not only VR. For example when button is pressed, to play a button press sound, or a recorded voice message etc.
2021-05-07 19:03
From: ETSI, Germany
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Sounds Difficult.

I think the most easy way is "feeling" in your blind Setup.
You have 5 Encoders and ONE Selector..... Simply not use a Round Knob on the Selector.... USe something like this....

Then you "feel" the position when your hand is on the switch..... If in Left Position = Mode A ..... Center Position = Mode B ...... Right Position = Mode C


Check the FSUIPC Lua Examples....
It is possible to create a "Popup" Window or better a Running Text with a Lua Script.
Like the "Parking Brake SET" Text in Red Letters un lower side of the screen or the FPS Information on upper side.

In theory you can "read" the Custom Offset you define with your Mode selector ..... And you can say e.g. the Sim should Write the used Mode on your screen ( VR Device) when you press a button or e.g. when you change the mode for 10 seconds or so)
Good Luck !
2021-05-08 21:27