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I find strange effects when I try to configure inputs on 3 modules. FS2020
Module 1 works perfectly (mainly against 'Standard')
Module 2 and 3 show odd effects on things I remember they were working before on proof-of-concept (NAV frequ encoders).
Encoders simply do not work against G1000 envents, sometimes mixed up. Also seems they stay linked to other offsets after testing.
Electrically tested.
Naming e.g. Button 25, Button 26, Button 334, Encoder 334, Encoder 10 ......
are the names too long or are the blanks causing confusion with larger amount of IO's (total about 100)

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2021-04-25 09:14
From: ETSI, Germany
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The "Long Device Name" Problem is still a fact.... But NOT in your example.
We got 1024 Bytes for that.... A couple are used for the header ( Board Identifier). Nearly 1000 Bytes for the Devices.
So if you build devices with the full length names ( 14 Chars + Internal data) AND you build a config with many "1 Pin Typs" like LED or BUTTON..... Yes then you "can" reach this limit.
In your case i not think so.... A Encoder e.g. is a 2 Pin Device. Means you save a lot of bytes with it. Also "Button 25" include 9 Chars.... So you save again 5 Bytes instead of a 14 Char name.
On first view..... THIS is not a factor here !

Your Problem:

At first you need to check the electric part. Whatever you write " Electrically tested." I not know "HOW" you test it. Does all Buttons work WITHIN Mobiflight ?

Best way.... Use the Logging ( DEBUG) from MF and observe there if every Press/Release from all single Buttons work fine in a testing (e.g. 5 times press and release)
Alternate is to use a function that already work fine. Use a Config you have no problems at the moment and change the device to another button. Test again.... Do that wayuntil all single Buttons are tested with THIS confirmed weorking config one time.

Finaly you got the awnser..... If all Buttons from your 3 Boards working confirmed for one thing ( e.g. Parking brake) then the issue must be in the Configs for the other Functions OR it is in the system itself. We can check this after you confirm all is electrical fine !
Good Luck !
2021-04-25 12:09
Posts: 3
thanks for the explanation.
Names were definitely too long, short names solved the issue.
(ok - only part, because Asobo messed up the exported variables /FSUIPC refs. So e.g. NAV, & COM frequ are not working currently via FSUIPC on MS2020, they worked in older releases .... zu deiner Info)
2021-04-27 09:47