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I am trying to set up a 7 segment display to use as a digital altimeter. I have one Mega 2560 board with a heading indicator attached and it is working well. I am setting up the 7 segment display on a second mega 2560 board. When i go into Extras, settings, Mobiflight modules, I can see the two boards listed there. On the second board I am following the tutorial on how to set up a 7 segment display. Everything works as it is supposed to, except when i go in to the Config Wizard and click on FSUIPC I get a message saying Presets file not found in current directory. So at this stage I cannot choose altimeter from the drop down presets, because there are no presets. Everything else seems to be working fine. When I go into test mode, the display lights up 12345 (I checked off to display 5 segments), so I know all the connections are fine.

I would appreciate some help on how to remedy the situation.


2021-04-23 04:59
From: ETSI, Germany
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Basicly PRESETS are not needed. For fast help.... Simply enter the needed Data like OffsetAdress, Typ, Size and so on by hand.
All Data can be found in the Official FSUIPC Offset Lists.

About Problem:

May you install Mobiflight in a secured folder ? Like C:/programmfielsX86 ???

Its recommend to install MF in a "free" folder.... Like C:/MF or on a other Harddisc that is not protected by Windows.
Other tactic is to start MF as Administrator!

On first view.... I would save my MCC file backup and delete MF. Install it for new. Then the PResets should be fine again.
Good Luck !
2021-04-23 18:42