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From: NW of KPWK, United States
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Hi all,

I see numerous threads that report issues with the UNO. I want to use this thread to list the known bugs and set expectations right until I fix things.


UNO support currently is experimental. Arduino UNO is very limited in terms of memory and is significantly slower than the Mega which are the main reasons for the current problems. I never owned a UNO myself but after so many users on the forum, I bough myself one and thought it would be easy to get the Mega Code running. This is unfotunately not the case and I have to invest more time into this.

Known Bugs

* Instable Firmware upload - when you upload the firmware, the reconnect after upload might not work and you see the module still not as a mobiflight module. In this case, close MobiFlight and start it again. The module should now show up correctly.
* Instable upload device configuration - After uploading configuration changes about the devices attached to the module, the module is not recognized anymore as a MobiFlight Module. Close MobiFlight and start it again. The configuration should now show up correctly and you will be able to configure outputs and inputs as usual.
* Arduino UNO with CH340 chip is recognized as Mega - Unfortunately I don't find a way to determine whether the chip sits on a MEGA or UNO. Both can use the same chip. Since the majority of the user base uses Mega with CH340 I decided to treat any board with a CH340 as a Mega until I find a better way to detect it.
You can use xloader and manually upload the firmware-hex-file to your UNO. That should help so that MobiFlight starts to recognize it correctly.
Have a great day!

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2017-03-08 07:43
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Hi, i can't upload the firmware to my arduino UNO. Im trying with mobiflight software and xloader too.Xloader say the firmware its uploaded but mobiflight don't recognize then. Mobiflight recognize my UNO as MEGA without firmware and doesn't rules. I need only 12 outputs to use as announcments and i'm not need a mega card. If this is an unique solution i'm thing to buy them. Thank you so much and sorry by my bad english.
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2017-11-01 15:31
From: ETSI, Germany
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I´m sorry for that.... But we stop UNO Support for the moment.
The basic Code is still there and if you want you can try out this.... But we not solve problems at the moment !

I know this policy is bad for UNO Users.... But we simply say a MEGA cost only 1-2$ more like a UNO..... A MEGA is working Fine and allow 100% more Pins.
I would recommned you to order a Mega ( whatever you only need 12 Pins) . There you are 100% Shure it work.
Again. Appology for your trouble !
Good Luck !
2017-11-01 16:51