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Hi all,
I set 12 physical buttons to activate the G1000 PFD "softkeys" and all works perfectly.
I was wondering how to use the same buttons to activate the G1000 MFD softkeys too.
I tried inserting a precondition in every input associated to my buttons.
For testing I inserted a precondition from FSUIPC preset (I used Cockpit - navlights).
If navlights are on, the buttons work for G1000 PFD, if condition is false, they work for G1000 MFD.
This test worked great!
There is a problem : to use two button sets I have to switch lights on and off.
Is possible to insert a condition that doesn't affect aircraft behaviour?
A sort of "ghost" condition?
I hope my explanation was clear enough
Thank you for your suggestions
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2021-01-31 22:16
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Don't mind, solved in discord :)
Thank you
2021-02-01 13:37
From: Madrid, Spain
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Can you report how you have solved it?
2021-03-22 00:09
From: ETSI, Germany
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Here we work with a simple CUSTOM OFFSET System.

We use a "free" Offset like 66C0 like a "memory" .

Your Switch for example write this "Custom Offset" to a value.... For example a latching switch use Press "1" and Release "0" .
Then we READ this Offset with a Output Config ( No device needed here..... This is just for preconditions) .....
Call it e.g. "Selector Info"

Finaly all your Buttons use this Config as Precondition....
Each Button got here 2 Configs ( One for the Controll of e.g. PFD.... another for ND )
The PFD Configs say precondition " Only work if Config "Selector Info" = 0" .... The ND Configs say "Only work if Config "Selector Info" =1"

Finaly we got a lot of possible ways now.... We can also use a momentary button for selecting. Use a Input formula like : if(1,0,1) to toggle 0,1,0,1,0,1,
Or use something like if($=3,0,$+1) ..... This occure in swapping 0,1,2,3,0,1,2,3,
Good Luck !
2021-03-22 12:51