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HI, I'm new to this forum and wow..I just discovered Mobi flight. I have an Arduino Mega 2560 ans I was using it with the Link2fs software to show LEDs for the Gears status. Since I'm not familliar with coding in SIOC, Mobi Flight looks really promessing for me. I will give this a try for sure and a huge THANK YOU for its creators and developpers. I just have a few questions. First, can I use Mobi Flight and Link2fs together? If I use multiple Arduino Mega boards would I still be limited to 40 LEDs in my cockpit? Would it be possible to Display IRS on 7 segments displays? because that would be really great on my Overhead.

Thanks guys, I'm loving it already.

2017-02-22 02:54
From: ETSI, Germany
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Hello Trooper

Welcome to Mobiflight !

1. Link2FS
I never try but i "think" Yes ! Mobiflight workes parallel with other programmes, too . But i don´t know the detailed comunication and board logic of Link2FS. Maby there is problem, who "own" the Board. Please wait for confirmation of this fact by an advanced user of both systems !

2. Limits
The limits (shown in FAQ section ) are for ONE Board. The number of Boards isn´t limited by Mobiflight (Just by Windows to 128 i think) . So you can use 40 LED per Board but another 40 on next board and so on .
AND to anwnser youre maby next question.... This not mean you only can use 40 Pins of the board.... You can Mix youre Setup and use the other Pins for switches or other stuff.

3. IRS
Here the Problem will be the AddOn Puplisher. Does youre AddOn support these Data? And if Yes in which form ?
At the moment i´m not try to read out this with my PMDG, (There is a String Offset for this) but MF can read Strg Values... So it normaly should work.
To give you an awnser...... "If youre Addon support readout of this data moniflight can show it on display.... Maby with a little Lua Script but it´s posible"
Good Luck !
2017-02-22 07:06
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Nachricht, thanks for your quick reply. Your help is greatly appreciated. Wow Mobiflight is a very powerful and easy to use program. I will experiment on it. Its my answer for all my LEDs announciators in the cockpit.

Thanks again!

2017-02-22 16:45