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I need HELP to configure 2x LED’s to indicate the active POSITION of the Rotary Encoder SWITCH of the LAST switching done for either COM1 STBY or COM2 STBY.
(I just don’t remember, in flight, the last active switching done. LOL:lol: )

I implemented the exact configuration as described in (Typical Cessna Radio - FSX-E) and successfully connected and configured one Rotary Encoder to adjust COM1 STBY KHz & MHz and COM2 STBY MHz & KHz.
I want to add the 2x LED’s to this configuration.
Thanks for Mobiflight and support.
2020-09-14 21:34
From: ETSI, Germany
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I not fully understand.....

You mean the push button on the Encoder that is change Khz or Mhz by press. And you like 2 LED ( One for Khz one for Mhz) and there should be a light indication what function is currently ON ???
Make no direct sense cause if you turn the encoder for one step you will directly see what function is in use ( what value is change) .

Whatever it´s possible..... Here you need two Configs.... One for each LED .
Both configs will read the Custom Offset you also use for the KhzMhz swap.
This Offset is Zero for function 1 ( mostly khz) and 1 for function 2 ( mostly Mhz) .
So the Mhz Config work directly..... Here 1 means LED on and 0 ( Khz active) means LED OFF.
For the other one ( that is active if offset is zero) we need a "inverter" .... Use if($=1,0,1) .
Means if Offset is 1 ( LED should be off) we compare value to 0..... If Value is Zero ( whatever LED should be ON) we compare to 1

Hopefully i understand your intentions correct.
If not please explane me more detailed WHAT you need.
Good Luck !
2020-09-14 22:21
Posts: 2
Thanks for your prompt reply in regard
I configured the LED's as per your recommendation and all and are functional.
Best regards
2020-09-16 16:56