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Hello guys, I'm a new Mobiflight user, but even following all the steps of the tutorial to make the communication between Mobiflight and Xplane, nothing worked. See how my screen looks, recognize the arduino but the XPUIPC is not green. What can it be?

2020-07-08 07:26
From: ETSI, Germany
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Lots of possible issues.
I not use Xplane so i can tell you just basic informations.

1. Run MF and Xplane in ADMIN Mode BOTH !! Not official requted by Sebastian but Me and Stephan do so....

2. Get sure your XPUIPC is installed in the correct Sim you use for Mobiflight. Lots of people have multiple Xplane instances.... it must be in the right one

3. If you use MF on a Client Computer maybe try at first on the Server..... Maybe the XPUIPC "WideFS" Clone is not work corectly or is setup wrong.

4. Try different XPUIPC Versions.
As i know XPUIPC is official "dead" sinse years. So lot of customize Versions from other users are available in the web. No garantee that those versions work !
Good Luck !
2020-07-08 14:15