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Hi Everyone. I am building a Cessna 172 Cockpit. I am trying to make a close replica of the Bendix king autopilot.
KAP140 is using a single unit of 7Segment module to show both ALT and VS. when you turn the Encoder, it changes the ALT value (which is the default value). when you press the UP/DOWN keys, it shows the VS. after you finished setting the VS, after a timeout value (near 3 seconds) it switches back to show the ALT value again.
does anyone have any idea how I can simulate the original 7SEG behavior?
any idea how can I set a timer or implement the delay?

to get a better idea of what I am after, please see the below youtube link which a gentleman explaining the AP unit. please refer to the point when he changes the VS (min 15:00)

Thank you for such an amazing product.
2020-06-21 19:08
From: ETSI, Germany
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I just overfly the video..... But in short words...... NOT possible !!

1. There is no "timer" or "delay" in Mobiflight.
MF jut show the Value of a Offset..... Nothing else.
You can say " IF condition i true show Offset A..... If not show Offset B ( or any other much more difficult precondition) BUT you can not say "show Offet A wait xx seconds and then show xyz.

2. Mobiflight is only controll 7Seg at the moment. your Display got a lot of symbols and Characters ( 14 Seg or LCD Devices) .
This is basicly not possible directly.


A ) If you got a AddOn for that autopilot that support every singel information on a Offset then it can be done ( whatever verry advanced).

B ) if you get no AddOn and just raw FSUIPC data the only way is to write a own script ( with delay e.g.) thad support then finaly needed data to free Offsets..... And Mobiflight simply show them !
Good Luck !
2020-06-21 23:52
Posts: 11
Thank you for such a prompt reply.
I will simplify the design to the basic Autopilot then... :)
2020-06-22 15:55