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From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 3527
Thats a bad point.....
As Stephan always say..... the only 100% sure connection is a "perfect" solder work. Those Dupont premade wires ( male-female e.g.) are normaly fine but sure.... maybe 1 of 10 is not correct..... Like every connector there can be a little marge of issues. Only a hard solder connection is 100% save..... but no longer changeable.... Thats the dilemma.

Let me say.... For Displays ( Especialy the connection between Mega and MaxChip) i high recommend Solder work..... No connectors! Simply fixed solder wires.
Here just a touching for a millisecond will kill the system and a restart is needed so 100% fixed wires are "must have" !
The Displays itself can be connected without solder.... If here is a issue you just move them a bit and all is working fine again !
Good Luck !
2020-06-13 22:44
Posts: 18
Yes pizman, when the testing and prototyping is done I'm going to solder everything, then these kind of unexpected abnormalities are eliminated.
Always have fun.
2020-06-14 00:54
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