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This project came about from a suggestion by Pizman82, after someone asked if a standard switch could be converted.

I had a need for some 45degree indexing switches to match the markings on my 737 MIP and overhead panels. I had plenty of the standard switches so I didn't want to buy a load of new ones. The design is quite simple and may even be easier to make if someone has a better idea,
It was practically all made on my laser, except for the new shaft that is simply a length of 6mm aluminium rod. This was filed on one side to form the D shape needed for the knobs.
I counter sunk the top 5mm panel so two of the 3mm screws held the unit together and the other two were used to mount the unit onto the MIP. It can be made from any colour acrylic, I simply used a few offcuts to prove the concept.

I have included an image and a CAD drawing to show what it looks like.
Getting the gear spacing correct is the only real need for any precision, and it works perfectly.

2020-05-29 03:05
From: EDDG, Germany
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Great ! :thumbup:
2020-05-29 11:36