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Hello to all and sorry for my bad english,

I have a problem with this rotary switch:
It has 12 pin and 2 ground ( A and C). (Attention: i use ONLY the X red pins)
I use it for the autobrake selector and problem is to switch to the MAX selector.
My configuration is PMDG 737, prepar3d v4 HF3 and i am using Mega and the event id used is the 70092.
The type of these input are Button..
A little parameters that i set:
I select only the "On Press" mode nothing on "on release" mode.
Auto RTO -> 0
Auto OFF -> 1
Auto 1 -> 2
Auto 2 -> 3
Auto 3 -> 4
Auto MAX -> 5

I can switch until Auto 3 but nothing happen when i switch the rotary to its 6 position for auto max (but the orange led on arduino flashes). I did a double (and more) check with multimeter and all seems to be good... :confused:

My last electrical check on arduino was to disconnect the cable corresponding to the sixth pin of the rotary and when I change the rotary to sixth position the arduino led flashes. No cable connected on 6 pins of the rotary ... : confused: .

I hope my information is good and enough.
Thanks in advice for help :thumbup:
2020-05-25 12:32
From: EDDG, Germany
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Hi Simone!

Welcome to MobiFlight!

First of all the good news: you did all right - the EventID is correct and also your parameters.

To check your config activate the LOGGING via menu -> EXTRAS -> SETTINGS and hook at LOGGING and set on DEBUG on the right side.
Then you see 3 new lines at the bottom of the main MF window
Connect the rotary and always if you turn it you should see that MF recognizes that it found a config. Otherwise your wireing should be wrong.
Pin A of the rotary is to be set to GND and 1 to 6 to the pins of the mega.
So you need 6 different configs for the rotary but all with the same EventID but with the different parameter.
If you've copied the 1st. config, check if the parameters are different in the right order and that you didn't have a parameter twice or more.

If you don't have a wire on the 6th pin it should be a coincidence if the mega-LED flashes. Maybe that your rotary has a malfunction or it shows a release when leaving position 5. If possible check it with a multimeter.

If you finished the check please switch of the logging mode of MF or you will get a delay with encoders.
Please report your experiences.
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2020-05-25 14:46
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Thanks for the answer!

That is what i found..

For this test i dind't re-connect the sixth pin of rotary so ONLY this pin are connected:

Pin A -> GND
From Pin 1 to Pin 5 -> Digital pin of Mega
Pin 6 -> Nothing connected to it

The result from the log (probably) makes the problem clear.
The first fifth position are good (give the right input to the sim and the information from log are good) BUT when i switch to sixth position i will see this in the log :

Now.. i will connect the pin 6 but i think the problem is this. The pin 6 is always pin 5... :confused: :confused:
For the moment this is the information that i have, I will solder the pin 6 and reply with the new test. :thumbup:

EDIT: I connected the sixth pin but the problem is same. Pin 6 is the 5 for MB. From multimeter the continuity is correct between all 1-6 position.. no multiple continuity.
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2020-05-25 18:56
From: ETSI, Germany
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Thats the release ......

What you mark as "Position 6" is pretty sure the Release Command of Pos5
One section below (before) you mark as "Position 5" got the same ID.... So its the same Device.

Thats 100% Logical..... If you not wire the Pin, you define for Position 6 then Mobiflight can not detect a action here.
If you turn the switch from Position 5 to Position 6 then at first Mobiflight will detect the Release of Pos5 and then it should see the press of Pos6 ( if wire is set to the Pin on Mega)

To check the Problem itself you must also wire Pin 6 and do the same Test.....
Then it should show again the Release from Pos5 and directly behind it should show the Press of Pos6. If NOT we got a Hardware Problem !!!

I not see the system. Problem can be a wrong Config..... A Wrong Device Setting.... or a Wrong use of Pins on the Switch.
This is a 6x2 and not a 12x1 Switch. You must get sure your Pins 1-6 are all at the same Ground !

Solution: We can check this in a short Discord Session. Alternate is via Email. Your Choice!
Good Luck !
2020-05-25 23:35
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Today I purchased a new rotary to exclude 100% of a hardware problem and ... the problem persists. For this last test I connected ONLY this rotary switch (1 to 6 pins + GND)
Excluding the malfunction of the rotary switch there is something in the configuration, but what I can see is ok.
Also, I have done a multimeter check for the new rotary and it seems to be good.
I don't know why but MB read only the release of Pin 5 and not the press of pin 6.
I can do the discord session (probably not the best English on my part - I'm Italian - but I want to do it to solve this problem).

EDIT: for the moment i workaround that problem. I set "On release", parameter 5 of pin 5. So, when i switch to pin 6 and MB show the release of pin 5 the autobrake go to auto MAX.
2020-05-26 12:32
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Sorry for double post..

For the moment I remain with the "On release" mode of pin 5.
So when I go to position 6, the autobrake switches to MAX and when it returns to pin 5 it normally switches to autobrake 3.
Therefore, pin 6 is wired but does not likely work due to missing or incorrect configuration.

Thanks for help :thumbup: :thumbup:
2020-05-26 14:42
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 3527
About your improvisional Solution

This work but have a little disadvantage:
If you move switch from Pos5 ( Brake 3) to Pos6 (Brake Max) all is fine..... Mobiflight not care about if the command finaly come from the release of Pin5 or from the Press of Pin6.
If you turn the Switch from Pos5 (Brake 3) to Pos 4 (Brake 2) technical this is the same release of Pos5 ......
So This Leftturn will occure also in a command to set brakes to MAX when you release Pin5 and a little moment behind the switch reach Pos4 and send the Press Command to set Brakes 2.
With a bad polling rate this can occure in a missing command and Virtual switch stay at "MAX" whatever switch is on "2" in case both inputs come nearly same time.

Solution for the Problem:
You say Pos 1-5 work fine..... Why not going the most easy way..... Simply change sequence of wires in the Arduino..... If you now use for example Pin 2,3,4,5,6,7 for your system and the problematic Pos6 is set to Pin 7 ...... Simply remove the wire from Pin 7 and Pin 2 and swap them..... the same for Pin 3 and Pin 6 ..... and Pin 4 and pin 5 .....
Sure now your Switch is inverted.... Pos 6 is no RTO and Pos 1 is MAX .....
So you see the Problem..... If POS6 still not work and not set to RTO now the switch is the problem..... otherwise if now POS1 not work and RTO can not be set then maybe the Pin on Mega is broke you use for this.

other idea....
Delete the whole Mega.... (EEPROM CLEAR) ..... Then flash new firmware and only creat ONE Device "Button" on e.g. Pin 10. Wire only the GRD and the POS 6 Line to the Mega..... Then make a Easy Config like ParkingBrake and check if Pos 6 is working.

In easy words.... Exclude all possible parts..... Just test the one thing you need with the most rudimentary system ( Parking Brake)
Good Luck !
2020-05-26 16:45