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Hi All,

I have just become a member here and also a user of this product.(Happy User) For those that may be interested, I have found that the new updates to the Zibo 737 has changed the way the Annunciator Lua's are dealt with as per the changelog. This changes made the outputs via XPUIPC stop working. I do not know why but for now I have found that by adding the old Lua from one of the older Zibo versions, the Annunciators do now work. In the Lua script folder in the Zibo 737-800x plugin folder, you will see there are many Lua folders that are now not there. Maybe at some stage this will be rectified but for now this is my fix for me. I hope this helps anyone else here that may eventually have this issue. V3.41 and V3.42 are the versions where these files are handled differently.:)

Kind Regards

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