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From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 3524
After some weeks i will make a short Review.....
Specialy from Mobiflight Usage about the new NGX"u"

Whatever i still say 100$+ is not ok for a "update" i change my opinion a bit cause some features are realy helpfull.
Feel free to reply with additional informations..... specialy if a "new" feature was still useable in older PMDG i not remember.

1. Landing/Cruise Alt
Here the new System is great. Value is now a STRING. Means it can include symbols and characters. So whatever the Blank on Systemstart or the dashes with no BUS active is working.... Also the 88888 for Lighttest and sure the value in normal mode.
Means we not need any Precondition here and Display is working 100% Real already.

2. MCP Displays
Here its not so perfect cause PMDG already work with the old Offsets and Blank Indications like "IAS Blank" ..... BUT they now give us a new Offset as "global" Blank indication for MCP Displays. We can use this instead of the old difficult "Battery Off" Logic..... Whatever the Lighttest is already not included and must be done by hand.
BUT: Its just logical PMDG will maybe also rework that offsets same way like Landing and Cruise Alt. .... I hope they do.

3. Radio Panel Displays.
Here we still life in the Stoneage..... Displays are not readable so we need to build again bypasses to FSUIPC Standard Stuff. The only Benefit here is they include the ADF Stby Offset now..... Means we can now build a 100% Radio Panel..... But with a lot of unneeded difficult work. ( Try to use the MCP Baln k also for Radio can be usefull)
I also hope they rethink that stuff and will also support Offsets in the future same like Landing Alt and Cruise Alt:

4. BUG in Radio Logic
Today i report a major Bug in Offset Logic..... Cause PMDG simply miss the "Selected Radio" Offset ( or i can not find it)..... Without that, a build of the "modern" ACP/COMx Radio like in Virtual Aircraft is not possible ( Only a oldstyle Multiradio like in old B737)
Ticket is out and a PMDG Developer is on the task..... this also should be fixed.

5. ON FAST Inputs
I not test it myself but a User still confirm this is working now..... MCP and maybe also other Encoders now be able to in/decrease by x5 or x1 whatever we use Click or wheel parameters..... thats fantastic !

6. The most usefull tool...... LED include Battery OFF and Lighttest Logic already.
I just test 10-15 Outputs and not the full cockpit..... But these tested LED all working fine.
Now the Offset show exactly the Virtula LED situation..... If Battery OFF all LED Offsets are "0" if Lighttest is active all are "1" else they show there state like we know from old PMDG.
This saves hundrets of Configs or selecting of Placeholder for each single Output Config. Nice Work !

7. Whatever just a detail.... The 5 Sec LED Light of CVR is now readable ( one of the rare elements we never could build realistic in the past)

8. AT Offset for Throttle handling.
Also not tested already....But this pretty sure is verry helpfull to build a motor throttle.

You see.... its deeper as it looks at first moment.
I not talk about the "optical" things like EFB, Wind Uplink and so on..... Thats not a Mobiflight HC thematic !

Feel free to add points i forgot.
Good Luck !
2020-05-12 21:38
Posts: 90
Thanks for the update Peter.

Have you tried in P3D v5? I've been testing the NGX in v5. It works (all mobiflight and cockpit functions), but v5 has lots of problems (crashing) that may or may not be related to the NGX. I'd be curious to know if the NGXu fixes anything.

Slightly off topic - apologies. I think you're probably running it in P3D v4.

2020-05-14 02:08
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 3524
Your right.... I´m still on P3Dv4

In case of two points.....

1. I startup flying again badly 2 weeks before V5 was released.... and i was so extremly hot ( after 4 Years brake) to startup, so i not want to wait this 2 weeks..... Finaly I order P3Dv4 and FSUIPC 5 that day.
So simply i not like to pay again full price for P3D and FSUIPC again after this short periode of time.

2. I play in the past when i was younger the MMORPG "World of Warcraft" for thousends of hours.... And ther was a simple rule:
"NEVER play on patchday !"
I just swap from Win Vista to Win 7 .....AND.... From Win7 to Win10 after the first Servicepacks was released..... and i also plan to buy FS2020 maybe 6-12 Months after release when all Bugs are solved.
So.... I not like to use P3dV5 at the moment in case its just a "Open Beta" .... Lets wait until all AddOns and the Sim is "Bug-free" then talk again :-)

Whatever after reading and watching videos i will say..... there is no Big change in PMDG "u" from P3D 4 to 5 ( i think)
As i know the biggest change is the 8.33 Radio System..... Else i not know about big differences..... May this is worng .... I don´t know.

Feel free to report new informations.... We can also include it with note "only in V5"
Good Luck !
2020-05-14 03:07