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I am moving from fsx to p3d v4.5
My current Arduino mega is currently on C drive and mobiflight is installed on D with all settings for annunciators
I have built a new pc and the same Arduino mega is now on D and mobiflight will be installed to D also
How do I set up the Arduino with mobiflight on D and transfer all my setting and configs for mobiflight from the old fsx machine
what files and folders do I copy and move
2020-05-11 15:50
From: ETSI, Germany
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I garantee.... Your Arduino MEGA is NOT on C Drive :lol: The MEGA is the Hardware Controller and this is just set on USB Its not a a harddisc !

Pretty sure you mean your "Arduino IDE" (Software) is installed in C:/ Thats possible:

In theory you not need to copy Mobiflight or Arduino files..... Its recommend to simply make a new installation as you said you already install Mobiflight in d:./
( Download uptoDate Exe file and run it in D:/foldername and it will extract a brand new Mobiflight installation there. )

Same with Arduino IDE..... Not copy it.... Download newest Arduinio IDE and istall it at D: of new machine
The only needed workstep is to openthe NEW Mobiflight and get into /settings/Mobiflightboard...... In lower section you must now define the Path to the Arduni IDE ( Where you install it)

ONLY Files you need to transfer are your needed *.mcc files. AND if you make backups of board settings also copy the *.mfmc files (whatever this is optional)

NOTE: All Device settings are still on the MEGA itself ( not on a computer) so you can connect it to the new machine and it work same like before...... And all Config Entrys are in the used MCC File..... Basicly "nothing" is saved in Mobiflight Systemfiles overall.
Good Luck !
2020-05-11 17:32
Posts: 4
Thank you so much
All done and working great:)
2020-05-12 11:02