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I had to rollback 1 update from Microsoft on win 10 due to some unconditional restarting. After that I got fault on OH 1 Mega 2560 board.
I have 5 Mega 2560 connected MF1, MF2, OH1,OH2 and OH3. All the others coming up normal except OH 1
After restatring pc the OH1 is missing and shown as unknown and green arduino mark in device window and a rubric(page) coming up telling "orphaned serials found" and in the window assign the orphaned item
OH1/SN142-2c6 .

I do that but it is still green and labeled unknown.. I tried to update firmware but that also failed
I have marked for debug and written out the transscript on notepad but dont know how to include otherwise than paste it in
Any advise so far

It seems that the Arduino board most probably was happened to be defect at some times during the run
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