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Hello everyone.

I'm totally new to Mobiflight. I watched some videos, looked through the manual and the tutorials on the website and thought, well, that looks quite simple. Finally I can control servos and ultimately my gauges in my overhead panel.

I'm using:
P3D v4.5 & V5
FSUIPC 6 (registered)

Today my Arduino came and I hooked it up my Opencockpits Engine Starter panel as described in the tutorial. Yay! If I test it in the mobiflight wizard it works. Wow, that felt awesome!
Then I thought, I just need to browse through the presets and that's it. Little did I know that this wasn't the case. After reading through offsets and PMDG event ID's my head feels like mush.

I'm totally confused with these offsets, Bytes 0XFF / how many "F"? Does it matter? Booom .... I thought for everything what happens in my simulator (P3D) and inside the aircraft (PMDG 737NGXu) there is a unique offset. Flip that switch - use that 0xF65 whatever number and you're good to go. But what are those Bytes?

In the documentation I managed to find the offset for the starter switch. I fired up P3D and when I move it to GRD it moves the servo imitently to the position so that the switch is back in the OFF position. In the PMDG offset thing it says

64FC - 2 - BYTE - x 2 - ENG_StartSelector[2]

0: GRD
1: OFF
3: FLT

What does Data type mean? And is there a "x2" because we have two switches? Where do I have to insert 0,1,2 or 3 to select the position? Where is the difference between INT, float etc.? What is "Boolean"?

As you may noticed, I'm totally confused. I literally have no knowledge of those things. I really hope there is somebody out there who could help me. I have 2 servos for the engine start switches.

Please don't judge me. I was really happy when I found out that I could control these things in an easy way but it turned out that I need quite a bit of help. Hopefully someone can tell me, what I have to put in where. I really appreciate every help I can get.

Thank you so much!

2020-04-28 17:15
From: ETSI, Germany
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Hi Kevin
Welcome to Mobiflight !

Badly i must tell you.... Mobilfight is not a "selfrunner" as you expected .... But there exist no Homecockpit Software that do so.... So thats simply a fact.
See it like a Car with a "automatic gear" .... This is more easy for the driver cause he not need to learn how to shift gears by hand..... BUT he already must know how to open the door and how to start the engine..... and in both cars he need to learn the traffic rules and make a driving license.
So Mobiflight is a tool that protect you from learning scripting and make a own progamm.... BUT it not means you can build a cockpit without knowledge.

For most questions i recommend to read Stephans Guide you find in the Mobiflight Tutotial section.....

You should basicly understand:
Number systems in Hexadecimal ( like you ask what 0xFF means) and Binary ( for example 16 is 0001.0000) .
You must understand logical functions like IF ELSE AND OR
You must learn the programming Syntax like -+*/ <> >= <= 0 != and so on.
And you mut understand how Offsets work.

Thats absolutly basic and needed to work with a Simulator !


About your Servo Idea. This work ! Whatever its a bit difficult to build the mechanic and also a bit advanced to create the config.
After some years here in Forum i see a lot of different projects.... And i think the most practicable way here is a solonoid that is "pulling" and a Spring.
There the Config is pretty easy and the function looks and feels like in real !
Good Luck !
2020-04-28 21:21