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I've Built a gauge for the EGTbut having endless trouble understanding the values.

Gauge is 0 - 14.
Offset 08BE
2 Bytes

The value from XFSUIPC is coming in at 26056 So Mobiflight is sending 1367 as the output value.
The Max motor rotation is set to 60% for the gauge.

The Transition field has a sum on $*860/16384.

When the aircraft engine is running the gauge responds but not correct value is being shown.

However, when i shut the engine down the value drops, once the output value hits 255 rhe gauge races to the top and slowly descends.
If the engine is off, When I start it the Value rockets to 31000 then changes to -31000 then climbs back to positive numbers. This send the gauge all over the place.

I can't understand where any of this information is coming from and why such massive numbers.

Can anyone help? Have you made and EGT gauge work correctly?

Thanks in advance
2020-04-23 21:43
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 3522
As all know here i not own Xplane so i can not test this for you.

Basic Question.
1. Do You use a AddOn Aircraft If yes this can work completly different and use own Datarefs instead of that.
2. Do XPUIPC work Simmular to FSUIPC here.... I Don´t know You must find out.

Workflow is same like always

Read the Offset in a new Config file
Click NEW
Create this single Output Line. ( Offset 08BE Size 2 Byte Typ INT )
Use NO Transform
Use NO Device
Open Sim and Mobiflight and click RUN in Mobiflight. Use Window Mode so you can SEE the Mobiflight Connector same time as the Sim.
Now Change Engine Status in Sim to increae decrease the EGT.
OBSERVE what happens in the FSUIPC Value field right to the Config ( The Output Value should be simmular cause we not make any transform till now)

Offset in FSUIPC ( for FSX/P3D) is explaned....

08BE 2 Engine 1 EGT, 16384 = 860 C. (Note that for Props this value is
not actually correct. You will get the correct value from 3B70.
The value here has been derived by FSUIPC to be compatible
with FS2004, FS2002 et cetera)

So Value should be "0" for Compeltly off or maby for 0 Degrees Celcius.... And as explaned max Value 16384 means 860° Celcius.
If this not work correct try the other Offset that is also recommend by Pete Dowson.....


3B70 8 General engine 1 EGT in degrees Rankine, as a double
(FLOAT64). Convert to Fahrenheit by Rankine – 459.67. FS
default gauges show Centigrade

Good Luck !
2020-04-24 02:33