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I've been programming and changing lots things as learn.

Then suddenly Mobiflight will not load if the Arduino is plugged in.

I search on here and found it could be a bad board. I reflashed the Clear Eeprom usinf Arduino.
Load Mobiflight, it was happy, saw the "new" board. Loaded Mobiflight Firmware.
I configured the board and everything ran as expected with the flight sim.

Closed Mobiflight and it will not reopen with the Arduino connected.
If I unplug the Arduino then Mobiflight can open. But reconnecting the Arduino and Mobiflight cant see it.
The only way to get it work again is to clear the Arduino and start again.

I have removed mobiflight from my PC and re-downloaded and installed.
But its the same.

I'm at a loss.
I have even unpacked a brand new Arduino Mega 2560 and its the same story.

Any ideas? Has anyone else had this issue?

Many thanks
2020-04-23 17:49
Posts: 153
Corrupt mcc files ? Please test with a simple mcc file then slowly building up more complex mcc configuration . Save them under different versions and keep testing . One of the line probably contain some logic error .
2020-04-23 22:28
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 3740
Sounds strange....
If MCC File is corrupted then in theory mobiflight also should not start if you remove the Board..... Cause the Issue "normaly" is in the mcc file and that will load also if no board is connected. That looks more like a issue on the Mega Settings. Does some Error Warning occure or can you confirm Mobiflight maby is still running in backround (Task Manager)

To Confirm problem is in MCC file you can do a simple test.
Please Rebuild a Situation as you eyplane above....
If Mobiflight won´t start again then "remove" the mcc file from its currrent location (the folder where you save it)
You can Delete it OR you can Rename it OR you can move it to another folder..... Important is Mobiflgiht should not find the file on its former positon.
THEN Start Mobiflight. It will now load with its "example mcc file" cause it not find the other.
If it start now without Problems ( Whatever your Mega is still connected) THEN the MCC file is the Problem.
If Mobiflight also NOT start now then the Mega Settings are the Problem pretty sure!

If test work then you must rethink your Config. There must be a logical issue inside.
If test won´t work then you must maby tell us your MFMC Board Devices Settings.... Tell us what you create and what pins are used.... More easy if you are already join Discord..... There you can share the file Itself or simply send a screenshot!
Good Luck !
2020-04-24 02:19
From: Bangkok VTBD/VTBS
Posts: 30
I had the same problem with a large mcc file. I was not looking forward to rebuild my whole configuration from scratch. I made a copy of the file and deleted blocks of config items until I found the culprit. It took a bit of time copying and pasting with Notepad++ but it sure beats the alternative.
2020-04-26 04:23
Posts: 153
Agree with pierclav.
If you haven't change anything and your MF stopped running now compared to last run then it could be mega hardware issues.
If you testing and changing your configuration like you said , then MF stopped running after the change. It propably due to logic error in your new additional config. For example, in math if you divide by zero, you got error and your program stopped.
You need to retrace back by delete the new config lines one by one until you find the culprit.
When testing your config, it is good practice to add only few config lines at a time and keep different versions of your progress .
So if something wrong , you can load previous working mcc config and continue to debug your logic .
2020-04-26 05:02