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currently we have 4 seven segment displays each with 8 digits. one of them is showing our altitude hold value for our autopilot. Since we aren't going for a super realistic panel just a better interface than a keyboard, I was wondering if it was possible to have a switch that would when flipped down show the altitude hold value on the display and when flipped up change that same display to show current altitude. basically turning that display into a digital altimeter.

Basically, if a switch is on have a display show altitude hold otherwise display a digital altimeter readout instead.

Also I was wondering if it were possible to have the heading hold display and encoder be toggled to adjust the bank angle by pressing the encoder's button.

Thanks in advance
2020-04-14 00:18
From: ETSI, Germany
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At first.... Keep advice your intentions about the Displays are wrong and not recommend in case of reality factor and usage.
In a cockpit a Display that is savety relevant will NEVER show 2 things same time ! A Cockpit is build so the Pilot show always on the same display and see within a millisecond always for example the altitude. If you make a short check at aproach if you set the AP ALT correctly and there is written 5000..... How do you know if this is the current altitude or if this is the preselected altitude ( if you use the same display as a digital altimeter)?

Same with Heading- Angle logic.... If Display show 25 ..... Means this a angle of 25° or a heading of 025 or maby a heading of 250 ( with a broke Display diggit)

So..... For more realitiy and also for a much better feeling i recommend to not build this. If you not need a 100% real Optic and just a "fly without Mouse" Cockpit.... then simply add additional Displays ( cost you less then 2 $ each) and some Encoders (below 1$ each) and you will have a perfect solution !

WHATEVER: To awnser your question. YES This is possible. Key is using mutliple Configs for a device and Preconditions !

All is written multiple times. Please search for "Precondition" "Custom Offset" you will find examples...
If you not be able to solve this ask here again.... Then i write it down once again!
Good Luck !
2020-04-14 03:24