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On the input side using an encoder in the lower part you have choice of normal and Fast rotation.
Is there another value to put in on parameter setting than 8192/16394 for fast spinning.

I also save all I put in under the name 737.mcc just placed in an dokument. but I experiance that next time I start the simulator the inputs are gone.
Do I have to store under the path as Arduino?
The setting under extra is ok
2020-03-23 22:00
From: ETSI, Germany
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Please use Search !

PMDG not allow Offset Inputs.....
Normaly we would say here for normal turning something like $+1 to increase value by 1 ( Heading e.g.) and for on Fast we use $+10 to increase it much more faster.
BUT This will NOT work with PMDG. Here you can ignore "on Fast" Tabs compeltly and you work with Mouse Actions ( Mostly Wheel Up/Down for Encoders)

About your Saving Problem.
Here there is a Bug.... Please check other Topics where we already talk about that thematic !
Good Luck !
2020-03-24 05:23