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Was experimenting for an alternative for analog, needle type, gauges.
I used the servo output --> variable resistor --> ammeter jewel. The jewel reads the "average" voltage of the pulses.
No need for a RC / low pass filter.
It works well, very responsive but.. Will not go down to zero. (Servo out = 50hz with duty cycles ranging from 3% to 12%)
Of course one could physically limit the jewel along with making the background placard so that the 3% duty cycle shows zero.

An idea for the future?
Software, very similar to the servo out, that would supply 50hz pulses (for ease with existing code) with duty cycles ranging from 0% ( 0 volts avg) to 100% (5 volts avg).
The UI could also be very similar, if not exact, to the servo UI.

Edit - Thought about it more, could just use the same servo UI and a checkbox that says - "use full range - NOT for servos". Extending the servo output on the low side to 0% while keeping the high side at ~12%.

Again, just an idea.. With too much coffee! :D
Having a lot of fun with MF, Thank You!

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I am currently in a need of the same feature (altering "floor to roof" PWM range).
Similarly to Roman's post above, I also figured that we can drive many of the original instrument coils directly with PWM signal.

All about it in this thread:

The problem I'm facing (when you treat the pwm as analog) is that it only ranges across 0.46 volts.
Some instruments need as little as 40 milivolts so they work fine with that, however some other like CDI needle needs just a little bit more juice to go full range.
There are also indicators requiring as much as 5V so 0 to 100% duty cycle would be needed.

To keep it simple, here is the question..
Can we alter the default PWM duty cycle via any config parameter?

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