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"Run" function (the Green right oriented triangle) is no working.
If I press, it checks and gets all FSUIPC and Output values but does not remain running.
In fact, "Stop" function (the orange square) gets always grayed after pressing "Run".
I tried reinstalling MobiFlight 7.1.3 without success.
Here are my mfmc and mcc files:
Please, any suggestion?

2016-12-29 01:15
From: ETSI, Germany
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Hello Jose

I´m at work and canot test youre mcc file at the moment.

The Error you got, happend when a config is not correct .... Cause it happend directly on Start i think it´s a Output !
If you want, you can find out youreself where the issue is.... Just get OFF ALL Conifgs ( Clear checkbox to the left) and then only use the upper config....
Start the Conector and look what happend..... If it workes then activate the next Config..... and so on.
When the Conoctor crash and Stop running then you got find out the "problem" Config.

Again i can´t test it now but i got a short look to the mcc file with text editor..... I See you got a "Transform" active in EGT Needle...... $*1
At the moment there is a Bug in Mobiflight that Float32 Offsets can not multiplied. This become a Error like youres.

If you got lucky this is the problem..... Clear this Transform (Or maby all transforms in other configs that use float Offsets)

If this not help, pls. report..... then i will check youre config when i´m at home.
Good Luck !
2016-12-29 14:03
Posts: 47
The Emergency Light Not Armed caused the problem.
I deleted and created it again and now it's working right.
Thanks for the untick trick!
Best regards,

2016-12-29 19:42