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hi there i have several questions please help to answer it

1. did mobiflight only can use arduino mega?
2. which one is better using rotary encoder or potentiometer to read the rotation, as my project make the trim wheel
3. besides that, my project makes a trim wheel for Cessna. what i want to ask is while building the trim wheel use rotary encoder ky-040 can we use it for another plane? if yes is there something to add of changing it . for example I use it for Cessna 172 and i want to use it in Boeing too can i directly use or there is something i need to adjust or setting?

thank you
2020-01-10 11:26
From: ETSI, Germany
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1. Mobiflight is designed for "Arduino Mega".
All specs are tested for it and work..... Or get fixed if something is wrong.
In Theorie you can use Arduino Micro or Arduini UNO..... But not all functions work fine and there is also no Support, no Hotfixes and no testings for it.
So its HIGH recommend to use Megas Only!


2. Potentiometers are NOT supported by Mobiflight at the moment and not planed for the near future ( Maby with MS2020 but also not confirmed)
If you like Pottis then you need (external form Mobiflight) a Joystick Controller like HID Devices, LeoBodnars or so. In That case you make those Inputs directly in FSUIPC or your Sim.


3. A Hardware Input and Mobiflight not care about the Aircraft..... You can handle with your Trim Wheel Mechanic also the volume of the Radio or for example your Gear/Flaps etc.
So interesting is the "Config" you create.
If you like to controll a cessna and a boeing with same cockpit you would simply create TWO Mcc Files. Whatever Aircraft you load in sim you use the specific MCC File in Mobiflight.
Some Elements are pretty sure identical.... Like ParkingBrake ist mostly used in same way by all AddOns. Other things are different.... But here each Config combine the needed Config Line to the correct Offset/Event of each Aircraft.

Only Disadvantge..... The Hardware is the same.... For example a Cessna Flaps Selector got 3 Poitions.... A Boeing got many more. If you like to fly both aircrafts your Handle must also have the needed Positions for boeing.... But that means if you fly the cessna then some detents are not is use.
Here you must improvisional.... Maby you use in cessna only the 0,1,2,5 Positions of the Flaps leafer..... OR You use the 0-10-15-40 Positions but then you have "empty" detents between.
Same with TrimWheel.... A Cessna Wheel have maby a Endstop after 3 resoulutions.... a Boeing turn maby more times.

But in simple words.... From Software side a Multi-Aircraft Cockpit is possible and done by many users already.
Good Luck !
2020-01-11 15:45