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Hi All,
I'm a newbie here :) So I hope you could help me.

I'm planning to realise a Dash 8 Q400 Home cockpit and wondering if some of you have already try to connect MobiFlight with the Dash 8 Q400 of Majestic Software ?
I've ordered an Arduino Mega and will try it, but if some of you have informations about "how to connect it to the Dash 8" it will be nice.

Thanks you guys !:blush:
2016-11-21 11:13
From: ETSI, Germany
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Hello Boyington

I´v got no experience with this AddOn but a google search hits the follow....

As you see the Dash 8 Q400 NOT work with normaly offsets and use a xml interface. As suscripted it allow Input and Outputs of Values but it looks like you need some lua like in other AddOns to build a bridge between mobiflight and that Addon..... Don´t Forget... Most AddOns use a lot of standard offsets like light switch or standards like Com Frequency. Maby this Plane is same and just need the XML Interface for some special functions.
Good Luck !
2017-01-12 03:20