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Hi, I discovered MobiFlight a few days ago and immediately installed it.
I tried the two Tutorials "LED - Parking Brake" and "SWITCH - Parking Brake" with the Arduino Mega.
But unfortunately it doesn't work.
1) Doing the test from MobiFlightConnector, the LED flashes.
2) Doing the LED Test Output from the ConfigWizard works.
3) However, by pressing the button, the LED does not light up, while the TX on the Arduino flashes.
4) FSUIPC Status has the Yellow Triangle, which disappears as soon as I open FSX, but the Button still does not light up the LED.
What could be the cause?
2019-12-18 17:30
From: ETSI, Germany
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If LED is flashing and work in Test mode ( by pressing TEST in Display Tab of the individual Config) then the Hardware Part should be fine and also Mobiflight work 100% correct.

So if the LED not act to the Sim Situation then the issue is in Software Side.

1. Confim you startup with a STADARD Aircraft..... Often AddOns work with different Offsets and need special logics.
For testing use the Stock C172 Cessna and set the Parking Brake. That should work

2. Confirm you have installed FSUIPC ( Freeware is enough.... Payware is needed for more advanced stuff in professional cockpits only)
Also Confirm you have Up To Date Version of FSUIPC for Your Simulator ( FSX is V4.9xxxx)

3. Check if all Checkmarks are set correct and also if you save configs 100% correctly and used Offsets, Size, Typ etc is correct. ( Should be if you use presets normaly)

Please report if problem is solved.
Good Luck !
2019-12-19 03:41
Posts: 26
It works. The problem arose because I did not use the "Run" command (I had messed with the Automatic Translator ...).
I apologize and thank you.
2019-12-21 18:04