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I'm doing all my radio modules using MAX7219 but all the configurations I found are with 8 digits.

Is there alternative to MAX7219 with less digits without doing an entire PCB? If may be 5 are strange, 6 could be OK...

Because It's a bit strange having 8 digits in your board if you are going just to use 5 (also it makes the board bigger).

Thank you!
2019-11-11 10:57
From: ETSI, Germany
Posts: 3524
You talk about the "premade" Tubes.

Here there exist basicly 2 sorts..... the Fixed Tubes (mostly with a red or blue PCB ) and the Removeable ones with mostly green PCB .

This are the removeable ones.....
Here the 2x4 Disply blocks are just connected to headers..... NOT solder like the other brands.

In that Case you can simply remove the 2 Blocks..... Then you have 2x12 free Pin socket. And THERE you can connect wires.
If you need a 5 Digit Display you can buy one ( Common Cathode) ..... that have normaly 13 Pins ( 7xSeg 1xDP 5x Cathode) and you then wire it to the needed 13 Pins on the empty Max Chip.

With this technic nearly every combination is possible.

Check this for example to see a good system. ( At Min 8.00 and later)
Good Luck !
2019-11-11 15:37
From: NW of KPWK, United States
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What real world radio do you use as reference?
It’s easy to mask the digits that are not used so that it looks like there are only 5 but in fact it’s eight just 3 are hidden behind the front panel, e.g 1 digit to the left and 2 digits to the right.
Have a great day!

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2019-11-12 03:41
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Thank you, I'm trying to do a radio panel for C172/BE58.

I know may be there are some differents, but I'm not thinking in the details for now, more in the electronic part.

Ok I'll check this links! Thank you!

2019-11-12 16:50